Saturday, January 9, 2010

blood rage (1987)

Movies Viewed in 2009

1. (500) Days of Summer

2. [REC]

3. 976-EVIL

4. The Abandoned

5. The Abominable Dr. Phibes

6. Adrenalin: Fear the Rush

7. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension

8. Against the Dark

9. Ali G Indahouse

10. The Alphabet Killer

11. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

12. An American Carol

13. An American Crime

14. Animal House

15. Asylum of Satan

16. At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul

17. Autopsy (1973, aka Tarot)

18. Autopsy (2008)

19. Avatar

20. Axe

21. The Baby

22. The Baby’s Room

23. Bad Lieutenant

24. The Baron of Arizona

25. Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero

26. Better Off Dead

27. Big Bad Wolf

28. Black Book

29. The Black Knight

30. Blacksnake!

31. Blood Freak

32. Blood Hook

33. Blood Moon (aka Wolf Girl)

34. Blood Rage

35. Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance

36. Book of Blood

37. Botched

38. Breaking Point (1975)

39. The Bride Wore Black

40. The Brothers Solomon

41. BrĂ¼no

42. Bukowski: Born Into This

43. Caged Men

44. Caligula

45. Cannibal Apocalypse

46. Cave of the Living Dead

47. Chopping Mall

48. A Christmas Carol (2009)

49. CJ7

50. Class of 1984

51. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

52. Cooley High

53. Corruption

54. Crank

55. Crank 2: High Voltage

56. Creature with the Atom Brain

57. Crimes of Passion

58. A Cross the Universe (Justice documentary)

59. Cruising

60. Cure

61. Cutting Class

62. Damaged Goods

63. Dark Ride

64. Day of the Dead (2008)

65. The Day of the Locust

66. Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

67. Dead & Breakfast

68. Deadgirl

69. Dead Like Me: Life After Death

70. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

71. Dead End Drive-In

72. Dead Snow

73. Death Race 2000

74. Decadent Evil

75. Demon Seed

76. The Dentist

77. The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself

78. Devil Fetus

79. Dinner with a Vampire

80. Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

81. District 9

82. Dog Day Afternoon

83. Double Indemnity

84. Drag Me to Hell

85. Dust Devil

86. Ed and His Dead Mother

87. Elves

88. Escape 2000

89. Evil Clutch

90. Exorcismo

91. Exte: Hair Extensions

92. Fanboys

93. Fashion Victims

94. Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41

95. The Final Destination (3D)

96. Final Flesh

97. Find Me Guilty

98. Food, Inc.

99. The Forbidden Dance

100. Fortune and Men’s Eyes

101. Frankenhooker

102. Frankenstein: 1970

103. Friday the 13th (2009)

104. Frightmare (1983)

105. Frontier(s)

106. Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

107. Gentlemen Broncos

108. Get Crazy

109. Ghosts of Mars

110. G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra

111. The Glove

112. Good Morning…and Goodbye! (2x)

113. Grace

114. The Grand

115. Gran Torino (2x)

116. The Gravedancers

117. The Great Yokai War

118. Green Lantern: First Flight

119. A Guide for the Married Man

120. Hair

121. Halloween II (2009)

122. The Hamiltons

123. The Happening

124. Hard Candy

125. The Hard Road

126. Hardware

127. Hatchet

128. The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

129. The Haunting of Molly Hartley

130. Hausu

131. Heavy Metal

132. Heavy Metal 2000

133. Helvetica

134. Highlander

135. His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th

136. Hood of Horror

137. Horror Rises from the Tomb

138. The House Bunny

139. The Hugga Bunch

140. The Hunger

141. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2x)

142. I Love You, Beth Cooper

143. I Love You, Man

144. Ilsa, The Wicked Warden

145. Immortality (aka Wisdom of the Crocodiles, The)

146. Inside

147. Interview with the Vampire (2x)

148. I Sell the Dead

149. Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door

150. Jacob’s Ladder

151. Jennifer’s Body

152. The Killing Gene

153. Knowing

154. The Last House on the Left (2009)

155. Let’s Go to Prison

156. Let the Right One In

157. Life-Size

158. Lilo & Stitch

159. Little Dieter Learns to Fly

160. The Lorely’s Grasp

161. The Loveless

162. Love Me Deadly

163. The Machine Girl

164. The Mad

165. The Mad Doctor of Market Street

166. The Mad Ghoul

167. Mad Max

168. Mannequin

169. Man’s Best Friend

170. Martyrs

171. The Meatrack

172. Meet Bill

173. Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus

174. Memories of Murder

175. Milk

176. Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project

177. Modesty Blaise

178. The Monkey Hustle

179. Monster of Venice (aka The Embalmer)

180. Monster on the Campus

181. Mother, Jugs & Speed

182. Mulholland Dr.

183. The Mutant Chronicles

184. My Bloody Valentine 3D

185. My Life in Ruins

186. My Name is Bruce

187. Myra Breckinridge

188. Neon Maniacs

189. Nerosubianco

190. New Gladiators

191. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

192. Night of the Comet

193. Night of the Creeps (Director’s Cut)

194. Night of the Demons III

195. The Night They Raided Minsky’s

196. Night Warning

197. The Nomi Song

198. Nothing but the Night

199. Nude on the Moon

200. Observe and Report

201. Obsessed

202. Orphan

203. The Orphanage

204. Otis

205. P2

206. Paths of Glory

207. Penny Dreadful

208. Pieces

209. Pineapple Express

210. Possessed II

211. Pressure Point

212. Promises, Promises

213. Prom Night (2008)

214. The Punisher (1989)

215. Punisher: War Zone

216. Rambo (2008)

217. Reincarnation

218. Religulous

219. Repo! The Genetic Opera

220. Return to House on Haunted Hill

221. Return to Oz

222. Return to Sleepaway Camp

223. Rise: Blood Hunter

224. Road Killers

225. Robot Holocaust

226. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (4x)

227. Roktober Blood

228. Role Models (2x)

229. The Room

230. Rottweiler

231. Satan’s Children

232. Saw V

233. Search and Destroy

234. Severance

235. Shadow Zone: The Undead Express

236. Shrooms

237. Sick Nurses

238. Simon – King of the Witches

239. Simon Says

240. Sorority Row (2009) (2x)

241. The Sound of Music

242. Southland Tales

243. Spider Baby

244. The Spirit

245. Splinter (2008)

246. Star Trek (2009) (2x)

247. Step Brothers

248. The Stepfather (2009)

249. Sticks and Stones

250. Storm Warning

251. The Story of O (2x)

252. Strait-Jacket

253. The Strangers

254. Sublime

255. Suicide Club

256. Sukiyaki Western Django

257. Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat

258. Superfly

259. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

260. Superman: Doomsday

261. Surveillance

262. Survival of the Dead

263. Tales from the Crypt

264. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

265. Teeth

266. Terminator: Salvation

267. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

268. The Thin Blue Line

269. Thirst

270. This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse

271. Three O’clock High

272. Tiptoes

273. Tokyo Gore Police

274. To Let

275. Tomb of Torture

276. Trailer Park of Terror

277. Transmorphers

278. Trick ‘r Treat

279. The Tripper

280. Tron

281. The Twilight Saga: New Moon

282. Ultimate Avengers: The Movie

283. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

284. The Uninvited

285. Unrest

286. Uzumaki

287. The Vault of Horror

288. The Velvet Vampire

289. Vice Squad

290. W.

291. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

292. Watchmen (Director’s Cut)

293. Werewolf Hunter (aka Romasanta)

294. Whip It

295. Whisper

296. Wicked Little Things

297. Windows

298. Wise Blood

299. The Wiz

300. The Wizard of Gore (2008)

301. Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

302. Xanadu

303. Xmas Tale

304. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

305. Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

306. Youth of the Beast

307. Zandalee

308. Zardoz

309. Zombies of Mora Tau

While my list is humbled by the majesty of Harris', I would like the world to know that there was a time (before I had a demanding, full-time job) when I took my cinemasochist duties more seriously. For further details, please refer to my list from 2003:

Friday, January 1, 2010

movies i watched in 2009...

let's go to prison
be kind rewind
scream of fear (hammer)
werewolf in a woman's prison
the cook (2008)
rogue cop
the murder man (1935)
bad ronald
mighty morphin' power rangers the movie
cinderella (cheryl smith)
la maison des phantasmes (bridgitte lahaie)
doomsday (2008)
college (2008)
diary of the dead
i am legend
mst3k- the movie
strange wilderness
pineapple express
american teen
the rocker
killer pad
the babysitters
wicked lake
hellboy 2
savage grace
roman polanski- wanted and desired
mum & dad (2008)
shriek if i know what you did last friday the 13th
jumper (2008)
the darwin awards
drillbit taylor
the happening (2008)
the visitor
the strangers (2008)
real time (2008)
balls out
saw iv
in bruges
saw v
the foot fist way
smart people
storm warning
the midnight meat train
the 18 year old virgin
seven pounds
max payne
red (2008)
fashion victim (2008)
standard operating procedure
jack brooks- monster slayer
hell ride
slumdog millionaire
city of ember
metal- a headbanger's journey
scanner cop
april fool's day (remake)
the tracy fragments
black christmas (remake)
the haunting of molly hartley
midnight movie
paranoid park
poison ivy 4
ghost town
nobody loves alice
never cry werewolf
he was a quiet man
love story (doc about arthur lee)
frankenstein's castle of freaks (cinematic titanic)
charlie bartlett
speed racer
my bloody valentine 3-d (theatre)
meet the spartans
sex drive
boarding gate
all the boys love mandy lane
shotgun stories
the wrestler
nick & norah's infinite playlist
what we do is secret
bottle shock
soul men
the day the earth stood still (remake)
the lodger (2009)
dead like me movie
the strange vice of mrs. wardh
blood car
noise (2008)
boom! (1968)
schoolgirls in chains
queen of blood
his name was jason
expiration date (2008)
inside (2008)
paul blart- mall cop
planet of the vampires
planet of the vampires (again)
hulk vs.
the destroyer
killer movie
cherry falls
the punisher (1989)
getting straight
silent night, deadly night 4
accion mutante
obscene (2007 documentary)
chapter 27
killer eye
sex- the annabel chong story
breaking point (1975)
the black gestapo
the happening (1960s)
hold on (1966)
friday the 13th 7
friday the 13th 8
ladies & gentlemen, the fabulous stains (theatre)
hit & run
bad dreams
kinjite- forbidden subjects
cold steel (1987)
fairy tales (1970s softcore)
they live
punisher war zone
head of the family (1996)
psyche 59
petey wheatstraw, the devil's son in law
erotic house of wax
eye of the stranger
human nature
the swinger (1966)
hot rod
the pumpkin karver
harold & kumar escape guantanamo bay
straight to hell (alex cox)
men at work (1990)
three fugitives
extreme honor
the glass shield
this film is not yet rated
watchmen (theatre)
deliver us from evil (doc)
campfire stories
the company of wolves
tornado (1996)
nightmare honeymoon
chocolate (thailand, 2008)
hills have eyes 2 (remake)
violent city (charles bronson)
salo- 120 days of sodom
happy go lucky
fight for your life
the zero boys
cywork 7
dead aim (arde baby arde)
smiley face
american cannibal
she-wolves of the wasteland
superman: brainiac attacks
normal adolescent behavior (havoc 2)
bad girls from valley high
maid in sweden
harm's way (2007)
one missed call (remake)
the babysitters (again)
slam dance
the hellbenders
the babysitters (again)
watching the detectives
warlock (1989)
drive thru
day of the dead (remake)
ride lonesome
girls rock!
night club (1990)
anita- swedish nymphet
special (2008)
the spirit (2008)
wonder woman (animated)
the education of shelby knox
go kill and come back
three tough guys
howard the duck
let the right one in
the heartbreak kid (shitty remake)
rock & rule
scream queens hot tub party
stephanie daley
green street hooligans
sheba baby
99 river street
the gay falcon
crime wave (andre de toth)
duck you sucker
alley cat (1980s)
all the president's men
big bad wolf (2006)
100 mile rule
unaccompanied minors
blind side (1993)
enchanted (2007)
a cat in the brain
slaughter (jim brown)
the brothers solomon
sh! the octopus
arcade (1993)
sidekick (2005)
dual- the lone drifter
the amazing colossal man
dollman vs. demonic toys
castle freak
succubus- hell bent
contaminated man
dr. mordrid
the graveyard
blood dolls
harry potter & the sorcerer's stone
curse of the puppet master
harry potter & the chamber of secrets
mannaja- the man called blade
laserblast (mst3k)
the telling
the limits of control (theatre w. q&a)
inside moves
x-men origins wolverine (theatre)
cat dancers
doc savage- man of bronze
the bribe
texas addio
mamma's man
a hole in my heart
let's go to prison (again)
the brink's job
a perfect couple
watch horror films- keep america scary
splatter disco
the dead hate the living
wendy & lucy
manos hands of fate (mst3k)
boggy creek 2 (mst3k)
time chasers (mst3k)
lightning bug
four flies on gray velvet
the initiation
the cry baby killer
the shuttered room
it! (1966)
scream for help (1984)
he knows you're alone
the girlfriend experience
the crawling eye (mst3k)
final exam
the incredible hulk (new one)
hot rod (again?)
the simpsons movie
fright night
an american crime
my name is nobody
dixie dynamite
role models
the piano teacher
the gingerdead man
evil bong
the beast must die
harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban
the haunted house of horror
the baby
spring breakdown
psychos in love
where the heart is (john boorman)
the hit
detective bureau 2-3-go to hell bastard
the garbage pail kids movie
one eyed monster
basket case 2
basket case 3
trick or treats
wise blood
brides of dracula
the monster squad
chopping mall
the return of swamp thing
dracula ad 1972
the freakmaker
the stepfather (original)
sharkey's machine
friday the 13th remake
role models (again)
the confessional
superman doomsday
s. darko
man hunt (fritz lang)
sunset grill
warlock 2
china moon
harry potter & the goblet of fire
madhouse (1981)
vicious lips
buckaroo banzai
robocop 2
harry potter & the order of the phoenix
role models (again)
let's go to prison (again)
stay tuned
class of 1984
trapped (baker county usa)
picture this
for your consideration
batman vs dracula
batman beyond- return of the joker
the willies
defending your life
the horror show
the stuff
hell night
ghoulies 4
valet girls
masters of the universe
angel baby
the boys next door
batman- mystery of the batwoman
a mighty wind
class of 1999 2
nightmare on elm street
house on sorority row (original)
art school confidential
tank girl
night of the comet
miracle beach
the last american virgin
friday the 13th 7 (again)
luther the geek
young doctors in love
crazy mama
holiday in the sun (olson twins, watched at work)
punisher war zone (again)
critters 3
critters 4
getting there/sweet 16 (olson twins, watched at work)
our lips are sealed (olson twins, watched at work)
the challenge (olson twins, watched at work)
ted bundy- a legacy of evil
the borrower
the reinactors
madhouse (1990)
the cake eaters
green lantern- first flight
the mad
the sender
heavy metal 2000
colossus the forbin project
the unborn (david goyer)
someone behind the door
hamlet 2
torture garden
steelyard blues
battlestar galactica- razor
the uninvited (2009)
the shadow
total recall
the dark half
inferno (peter milligan)
flesh for frankenstein
warning sigh (1985)
the brothers solomon (again?)
sitting target (70s, theatre)
role models (again)
the phantom
basket case
the addams family
super mario brothers
addams family values
the rocketeer
trick or treat (1986)
the pit
fade to black (1980)
the wild party
jason x
i love you man
i dismember mama
last house on the left (remake)
a hole in the head (michele williams)
bride of re-animator
my first mister
jason goes to hell- the final friday
role models (again)
let's go to prison (again)
the attic (1979)
village of the damned (remake)
blackout (1978)
don't go to sleep (1982)
beyond re-animator
king of kong
deadtime stories
in the bedroom
the foot fist way (again)
the long riders
the foot fist way (again)
making mr. right
the brothers solomon (again)
carny (1980)
don't be afraid of the dark
role models (again)
blood moon (wolf girl)
julia (2008)
the night they raided minsky's
dead of night (dan curtis)
dealing or the boston to berkeley forty brick lost bag blues
the killing gene
freebie & the bean
class of 1999
the house that dripped blood
let's go to prison (again)
super capers
next avengers
dead end (2003)
the glove
the devil's rain
sick girl
invaders from marks (original)
i'm from hollywood
my breakfast with blassie
the foot fist way (again)
punisher war zone (again)
american drive-in
green lantern- first flight (again)
decision at sundown
perkins 14
simons says (william dear)
wizard of gore (remake)
the seven-ups
observe & report
superman-batman- public enemies
the blue iguana
end of the line (2007)
comanche station
son of frankenstein
ghost of frankenstein
trick r treat
the thaw
edges of darkness
offspring (2009)
the legacy (1978)
drag me to hell
bug (1975)
r.l. stine's mostly ghostly
the four sided triangle
dracula (1931)
it's alive (remake)
year one
how to be a serial killer
dark country
oral fixation
staunton hill
ghost cat
spine tingler- the william castle story
wind chill
neon maniacs
the messengers
food of the gods
last of the living
invaders from mars (remake)
scooby doo- the mystery begins
superstar- andy warhol
the philadelphia experiment
punisher war zone (again)
g.i. joe- rise of cobra
the sniper
black widow (1954)
johnny o' clock
command performance (2009)
red mist
murder by contract
the lineup
crime against joe
shadow on the wall
land of the lost
i want someone to eat cheese with
star trek (shitty remake)
yes man
behind locked doors (1948)
dressed to kill (1941)
hard candy
batman-superman-public enemies (again)
uninvited (graydon clark)
dial m for murder
night of the creeps
the stranger (visconti)
nightfall (jacques tourneur)
poor pretty eddie
the money trap
bad lieutenant- port of call (theatre)
the hollywood knights
chamber of horrors
the bridges of fu manchu
observe & report (again)
orphan (again)
deadline (2009)
happy birthday to me
pink lemonade
paper heart
the punisher (2004)
world's greatest dad
fast food
humble pie
petticoat planet
dead air
forgiving the franklins
mystery team (theatre)
dakota skye
gardens of the night
kicking & screaming (1995)
house of the devil
outrageous fortune
ruthless people
i sell the dead
jennifer's body
the video dead
what goes up
night of the demons 2
the gate 2
the foot fist way (again)
district 9
the valachi papers
transylvania 6-5000
rocktober blood
halloween 2 (2009)
simon- king of the witches
night of the demons 3
dust devil
ed & his dead mother
evil clutch
g.i.joe- resolute
robot holocaust
diagnosis- death
a perfect getaway
get crazy
frightmare (1983)
blood rage
night warning